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The Best Cycling Outfits from Scody

Scody sportswear clothing is one of the reputed clothing lines in Australia, so whether it’s for a netball outfit, or a swimming costume or a triathlon outfit we have everything that you need. In simple words we are a one stop shopping spot.

Believe it or not, alike other sports, cycling too requires a special type of clothing to offer the cyclist various advantages like proper leg movement, aeration, air resistance etc.

So, our primary motive is to provide you with the custom based cycling outfit just for you based on your specifications and requirements. Our clothes are further customized for male cyclists to ensure that the standards of outfit are well maintained. These cycling clothes have long cut at its back to accommodate the bent over position of the cyclist along with a comfortable fabric providing proper ventilation.

The fabric used in making these outfits are moisture wicking, have antimicrobial properties along with UPF 30+ sunlight protection, have thermoregulation and many other cool features to make sure that in every way possible the cyclist can perform at his/her best. Each of our outfits cost around $84 on an order of 25 outfits. But again this price is completely variable, as it completely depends on its design and the quality of the material used. So the next time you need sportswear, just visit Scody.


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