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The History of Netball in Australia

Australia is truly a nation that embraces the true spirit and culture of sports, and some of the best world-class athletes come from the land down under. It is sporting icons like Ian Thorpe, Harry Kewell, Stephanie Rice, Lauren Jackson, Shane Warne, and David Camps who have brought Australia to the forefront of the sporting world.
It can be said that rugby, AFL and cricket are the most popular team sports in Australia but there is one other multiplayer sport that has been an Aussie staple for over a hundred years...netball!

Netball was introduced in Australia as early as 1897 and it is still a very popular physical education activity in schools and universities. Professionally, the national Australian netball team, the Diamonds, have fared really well on the international stage and has managed to win numerous championships including the 2011 World Netball Championships. Our beloved Diamonds have won 10 world championships and two Commonwealth gold medals. As the current world netball champions, they also hold the world number one spot on the International Netball Federation World Rankings.

The Australia netball team has a rich, long history that can be traced back to 1963 when the national team won the inaugural world championships in England. The sport was initially called "women's basketball" during the early 1900s and it was only officially known as "netball" in 1970. The country has also played host to major netball events such as the 2011 International Challenge Men's and Mixed Netball Tournament.

Yup, that's right...the sport is also played by true-blue Aussie men and the first Australian men's championship was held in 1985. Today, men and women compete internationally in mixed teams and its popularity is slowly but surely picking up speed. Perhaps someday netball will be a truly commercial sporting event like rugby and the AFL.

Throughout its long history in Australia, the sport has tremendously matured and is constantly being innovated by talented players. As the sport evolved, women's Netball Bodysuits have changed over the years to help improve player performance.

In its early days, netball uniforms were made out of stiff cotton and designed to look like box pleat tunics that reached below the player's knees. On top of that, woolen stockings were also worn to cover up as much skin as possible, and to keep the players warm.

Throughout time, the tunics were shortened to improve mobility and flexibility Netball Skirts. It wasn't until the 1990s that full body suits were introduced and it was designed with comfort in mind so that players could gain a physical advantage during competitions.

Today, functional Netball Dresses are made out of light, durable and easy to maintain materials such as lyre, and is usually printed with sublimation printing to eliminate peeling, fading or cracking of team logos and player numbers. More importantly, these netball uniforms are manufactured with breathable material to ensure that players get the best ventilation possible so that they don't overheat their bodies.

It is truly interesting to watch the growth and development of this sport. Perhaps it will truly be a household sport in the next 10 years as more and more people start to pay attention to this wonderful sport.

The Best Cycling Outfits from Scody

Customize Your Cycling Jerseys to Suit Your Needs

Cyclists need to have the right cycling gear in order to perform well. From the right cycling shorts to the cycling jerseys and shoes, all items are important for performing well.

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or a professional cyclist, cycling clothing is important for your performance. You need to wear the right cycling clothing in order to ensure your cycling performance is not hampered. Uncomfortable clothing affects your performance greatly. Today most cyclists prefer to opt for custom cycling wear. Custom cycling jerseys made from Lycra are especially popular. Most cyclists opt for Lycra as the choice of material when ordering custom cycling jerseys as Lycra is a form–fitting material that helps reduce drag when you ride.

You can also go through various designs and styles that many manufacturers offer today. You can even opt for custom cycling jerseys that look and feel like normal jerseys only with a few strategically placed pockets and zippers. When placing an order for your Custom Cycling Jerseys opt for materials that come help keep the sweat at bay thereby helping you stay dry. This way you will be comfortable no matter what the weather.

Today you can even place your order for custom cycling jerseys online. Simply finalize a design and place your order online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Compression Gear for Athletes

You can also buy these clothing online. There are many websites which provide you excellent clothing which are meant for sports. Once you select your size, you can select the design and then make a purchase. These clothes will then be delivered to you at your place, and you will have to pay cash on delivery. If you are not happy after the purchase of these clothes, then you can always exchange them later. Purchasing online is a better option, as you will get a lot of discounts which are given online.

Custom Cycling Clothing – Design That Adds Spirit

Cycling! For some it is hobby and for some others it is the life breath. Yes, for the professional cyclers who are in the track with sports spirit, it is certainly the factor that makes them to live with a goal. There are several factors that prompt and add spirit to the cyclers when they are in the tracks. Custom cycling clothing is one of the important factors.

Perfect clothing assures maximum comfort for the rider. Well designed cycling suit can add something special to the thrill and spirit in cycling. At present there is several online clothing companies that help you to get the clothing printed as you wish.

Custom cycling clothing made from high quality materials to assure maximum life for the suits. Clothing is made with the perfect mixing of colors to bring a professional touch along with sports spirit. You can bring unity among your teams and team members with a team uniform. Get different designs for staffs, officials and cyclers without affecting uniformity. Hence, at present getting cycling clothing is just a matter of few minutes. Spend some time with internet to find the reputed online sports suits manufacturing company to place your order. 

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Get Custom Jerseys For You

People always love to have new dresses of innovative styles, patterns, and designs. Every human desires to appear in special and different way. This is why if a shop brings such dresses, a huge flow of buyers make crowd there. And for the same reason the online stores offer Custom Jerseys to increases profit of their business tremendously. Through the jerseys they offer their customers to have different styles, logos, company name and so on.

It is actually the finest option for the athletes or the members of a club or team to have their own style, design and logo in their custom jerseys. The shops offer their customers to order the type and design what they want. You can order for a bulk of jerseys after finalizing the style, size, design etc. For having a fully customized jersey you need to pay more.

But if you want to get a partially customized jersey then you can get it in affordable price. You can get many online shops for having your own or for your team. You are allowed to make a selection among there available designs and apply your design or you can completely make a new design. Thus don’t waste time, get it now. 

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Team Jersey – Boost Up The Spirit

Team Jersey provides the team members with confidence and support. It brings uniqueness among the members and to perform with an extra spirit. Jersey gives an excellent image for the team within the county and world wide. At present there are several jersey designing and printing companies who provides excellent designs with incredible quality. You can get attractively designed jersey at affordable rates. You can print anything on your wear as you wish.

The services are even provided online to make your search and selection easy. Countless athletics, team members, sports participants, teams, and clubs are making use of jersey services to showcase the unique identity.

Team Jersey designing experts make use of the perfect colors and combines them to develop jersey designs that can attract the eyes of every one. You can go for different designs for your staff members and officials without affecting the unique touch. Jerseys made with high quality materials will be great asset for you to shine in the tracks and fields. There are several jersey designers to select from. Just few clicks bring the details of the most trusted service providers to your desktop. Select one of the best service provider to designs your jersey that can bring your dreams to lights.

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